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Homebirth Midwives in Yakima

Like many other areas, any midwife who wishes to have delivery privileges at Memorial Hospital, must sign a contract stating that they will not assist home births. If you’ve seen The Business of Being Born or Pregnant in America, I probably don’t have to explain why this happens.

However, there are midwives in the surrounding area, some of whom will trek over to Yakima to help you have your baby at home.

Midwives for Homebirth in Yakima

Virginia (Ginger) Fraser is a naturopathic doctor, certified midwife and part of several smaller groups of midwives throughout the Yakima Valley. She runs Blue Heron Naturopathic Care in Kennewick. She’s a naturopathic physician and a licensed midwife. Lorri Carr works with Ginger doing homebirth deliveries in Central Washington. These two, along with Shannon Bennet, Kristin Eggleston and Rebekah Pierson of Sunrise Midwifery, are midwives near Yakima and may be available for homebirths in Yakima.

Virginia (Ginger) Fraser
315 W. 1st Avenue
Kennewick, WA 99336
(509) 586-9691

Highland Midwife Birth Services
Lorri Ellen Carr, Licensed Midwife
PO Box 800
Goldendale Washington 98620
(509) 250-2072

Sunrise Midwifery
1126 Meade Ave, Suite F
PO Box 521
Prosser Washington 99350
(509) 780-3330

Midwives in Yakima

There are several Midwives practicing in Yakima at OB offices. If you choose to go this route, the delivery will be planned for Memorial Hospital and the standard one-size-fits-all battery of prenatal testing will occur, unless you object. Be prepared to explain your objections tactfully, if you choose.

Cascade Women’s Healthcare employs Sue Dennis, ARNP, CNM, Debbie Vuillemot ARNP, CNM. A massage therapist, Janice Richards, is also on staff. The Yakima Valley Farm Worker’s Clinic (You don’t have to be a farm worker to use their services) also has midwives on staff. Bliss Castellano, CNM, Judy Stewart, CNM and Wendy Stone, CNM work with Bonnie Alkofer, ARNP.

Cascade Women’s Healthcare Associates
1601 Creekside Loop
Yakima, WA 98902
(509) 453-8231

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic
Lincoln Avenue Medical & Dental Center
2205 West Lincoln Ave.
Yakima, WA 98902
(509) 575-1234

Yakka Mamma’s Recommendation for Natural Family Mothering

I strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with Mothering Magazine, the magazine of Natural Family Living. They publish obsessively-researched articles about the politics of birth, foods, vaccines and testing as well as beautiful essays about the nature of mothering. This magazine makes “Parents” magazine look like garbage. Here’s a link to their Pregnancy and Childbirth section. If you’re pregnant, head over to their message forums to join your due date club.

Yakima Doulas for Childbirth

A doula is hired help for whatever mom needs during labor & delivery, whether it’s a back massage, sip of water, turn down the lights, remind the nurse that I don’t want an IV, etc. When you make a birth plan and decide how you want your birth to be, your doula helps you relax and know that your wishes will be carried out. Entering labor afraid that your wishes will be ignored can be frightening. A doula brings peace of mind. Plus, your insurance probably covers a doula because they actually reduce the incidence of unnecessary interventions during childbirth. Some doulas ( postpartum doulas) also come after baby is born, to help with nursing or even the house. Doulas mother the mother.

Rosanne Bacon, Birth Doula
(509) 453-7384

Cindy McLean, Birth Doula
(509) 452-4163

Sharon Steffen Conrad, Birth Doula
(509) 678-4119

Unverified Midwives in Yakima

These are unverified because I’m writing this late at night. I don’t have personal knowledge that they still exist. Last I heard, Tamara Baker was retiring, but that was in 2003. Perhaps she’s back. I’m suspicious because Judy Stewart is listed with the first practice below, and she’s also listed with the Farmworker’s clinic, above.

Woman’s Health Network
Judy K Stewart, CNM, ARNP
210 South 11th Ave #42
Yakima, WA 98902
(509) 575-1990

Valley Women’s Health
Tamara J. Baker, CNM, ARNP
307 So, 12th Ave. Suite 4B
Yakima, WA 98902
(509) 575-1234

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